LANGLEY have completed a cup double this season after lifting the East Berkshire League Cup with a 3-2 win against Slough Heating Laurencians on Saturday.

A Mitchell Formisano goal and a last-touch equaliser by Shemaron Sylvan Carty saw the final go into extra time following a 2-2 draw at The Gore.

Ben White scored the decisive goal but Langley had keeper Rourke Pickford to thank after for last-minute penalty save.

Langley boss John Thirkell told the Observer: “Both teams put in a good display and it was a hard-fought win. It was scrappy and hard-fought but we ended up winning it in the end.

“We had a few players missing but it made no difference. It was very close from start to finish but we edged it in extra time with a hard-working performance.

“We hadn’t played as well as I thought we would over 90 minutes and we had to pull our fingers out or we would have gone home empty-handed.”

Local Berkshire:

PHOTO: Langley celebrate with the East Berkshire League Cup.

He continued: “It’s my first season as manager and we’ve had a very good one so far.

“When the team started out the ball was like an embryo. We couldn’t get it down and play but the players have turned into men and the men into leaders, and I’m proud of them.

“The team has responded to the training and we try to make it as professional as we can.

“We’ve got stronger and stronger to the point where we’ve won two cups and possibly have a chance of winning the league, so I’m really proud of the lads.”

Langley can complete a memorable treble with the East Berkshire Premier Division title should they win at Richings Park this Saturday (2pm).

“We have to win so it’s a big game,” said Thirkell. “There will be a few there and we’re looking forward to it.

"I am confident we can get a result but as a manager I'm always very positive.

"We will get the ball down, play as much as we can and enjoy it. We will fight for every header and every tackle, that's my motto."

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