THE TOWN council could commit to completely eradicate its carbon footprint.

On October 10 Dr Peter Hill, a town and borough councillor, will present a climate change tackling motion to Bracknell Town Council.

It calls for the organisation to commit to becoming carbon neutral by 2027, meaning all emissions made would be offset by the same amount of CO2 being removed from the atmosphere.

More ambitiously, Dr Hill wants the council to become a zero carbon organisation by 2037.

The Great Hollands North councillor said: "It is something I have been interested in and passionate about doing for a long time.

"Reducing our carbon footprint is a two pronged thing. Air quality is killing an extra 40,000 people a year in the UK, then there's the climate change angle as well."

By switching to electric equipment and funding green energy sources such as solar panels, Dr Hill believes the goals are achievable.

"The motion is quite binding," he continued.

"It is the council saying 'we can do this'. There are organisations externally who will keep track of our progress.

"I am also hoping to do something on the borough level. We need to change the planning policy so we can deal with problems like where people will charge electric cars.

"I am hoping to demonstrate to other organisations in Bracknell that it is doable."