A yoga class that helps autistic children relax may have to shut up shop due to a lack of funds. 

Last year Kat Cornwall started Yoga4Autism, a free class that offers one-on-one yoga therapy for children on the spectrum in Bracknell. 

Each weekend kids eight years and older learn techniques to help them cope with anxiety, practice slow and deliberate movements and meditate. 

"One technique has children lie on the floor with a blanket being safely guided with words or sounds," explained Ms Cornwall, a yoga nidra teacher.

"The classes have been proven to be successful and we have tracked and monitored the progress of each student. We know the technique is working.

"The children look forward to class, seeing other students, working in partnership during class, having a good giggle and relaxing feeling free of judgement from their peers."

Local Berkshire:

Unfortunately, the group's funds have almost run out. 

Ms Cornwall continued: "We do not have any more funding towards our course of therapy but I am determine to still teach the classes for your children who are in need.

"I am supported in my cause by Paula Jones, director of Apple Physio in Bracknell, who has kindly offered her venue for free this month.

"For us to carry on the classes, we will need to invite more students to share our little Saturday morning group at Apple Physio.

"I am looking for organisations who may like to fund some of our classes and also I would like to inform parents that the classes are still on as previously."

To sign your child up or to offer funding, email Kat Cornwall on kat@yoga4kids123.co.uk or call 07880 555 949