THOUSANDS was raised for the emergency services by five super fit sixth formers.

Heathfield School students Millie Geddes, Katy Smyth-Osbourne, Thea Lumley, Gabi de Ferrer and Franny Hunt-Davis, kayaked 125 miles over the Easter weekend to raise money for the Cornish Air Ambulance Service.

The team raised a staggering £3,500 after completing Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race, which takes participants four days to complete on stretches of the River Thames, Kennett and Avon Canal.

“Hats off to these girls for their brilliant teamwork and memorable achievement,” said Kathryn de Ferrer, director of pastoral and co-curricular activities at Heathfield School.

“The race is a severe test of skill, physical and mental stamina and planning.”

The money raised will also support the Milligan family, who have to date raised nearly £300,000 to fund night-flying equipment in memory of their late father and sister who lost their lives in a boating accident four years ago.

Heathfield School have already raised £3,000 for this charity in previous fundraising events.