Imagine a jobs market portal that fast-tracks candidates to the right opportunities, while simultaneously guiding employers deftly towards the best people for specific vacancies - then take a look at Norway.

In what could be set to become a benchmark of how online job services should be run, major market player has just added a whole new tier of “smart” interactivity to what’s already widely seen as a thoroughly dynamic portfolio.

It helps that the “brand” has household name status among employers scouting out talent in the Norwegian national jobs market, but rather than simply add a sophisticated new upgrade which might have burdened the user the firm has invested heavily in the concept of “keeping things simple”.

The thinking behind this approach is arguably classic Scandinavian lateral insight, recognising as it does that one of its greatest assets - one of the key factors behind the company’s ten-year success story - is the service’s intuitive interface.

Combining this essential element with a system designed to effortlessly stream the right opportunities towards what the company calls “targeted exposure”.

At its simplest this means that job listings aren’t simply blasted across the web in some vast and amorphous catalogue, but intelligently pointed towards exactly the channels where they are calculated to be of most use.

Besides being easy to use, the system wins by doing all the hard work in advance. The “right” information is available at the click of a mouse to busy people (often involved in any one of numerous sectors within a specific industry) who don’t have time to rummage through a mountain of extraneous detail. can now claim to be offering what amounts to a one stop shop for job seekers and employers alike, diligently sifting an ever-changing skein of employment possibilities while interweaving these with compatible candidates - cutting both the burden of administration for employers while actively promoting satisfactory results for all concerned.

It is evolutionary rather than revolutionary, but for other operators it must seem like a substantial step ahead in a fast-moving environment in which winning ideas can gain critical mass in a relatively short space of time.

For the Norwegian home market, the refinement of the jobs service is a powerful driver which appears set to see the company become the country’s undisputed market leader in online jobs - which in turn means acquiring a reach and ubiquity of use that simply cannot be challenged.

It is already a dynamic achievement, and is the result of detailed and intelligent planning and development over nearly a decade. The company took the time and trouble to devise the sort of system its clients actually wanted, and having achieved its objectives embarked on the next logical phase.

With this latest improvement the firm can say quite openly that it has created a service second to none, and allow the benefits of the system to prove themselves with ever more widespread use.

It is a fascinating example for online operators in Britain and other countries to observe, because not for the first time it appears - somewhat like triple glazing - to be a Scandinavian achievement likely to score points far beyond its immediate national market.

The cumbersome catch-all systems of the recent past are at total variance with the smart but easy to use approach exemplified by the Norwegian innovators - and no longer reflect the needs of the modern jobs market, where speed and accuracy (as in accurate targeting) are simply vital.

Chances are we’ll be hearing a great deal more about this exciting new jobs resource in the very near future, because more expansion - based on new successes yet to come - is surely on the cards.