A SCHOOL pupil has been rushed to hospital after consuming 'sweets' which are found to have contained illegal drugs, a council has said. 

Berkshire Council officials has sent out a 'dangerous substance alert' after a child became seriously sick as a result of eating one of the sweets.

Neighbouring Authorities have been warned of the illegal substance which are being found in the sweets.

It is not yet clear as to which school has been affected by the illegal drug.

The substances are described as being brown and green in colour, are 1.5cm by 1cm in size and are believed to contain cannabis and spice.

West Berkshire Council said the 'sweets' have not yet been tested for illegal drugs. 

Pupils at a school, which has not yet been named, were selling the sweets for £5. 

West Berkshire Council said: "We have no information about the drug contained in the sweets.
"This is probably an isolated incident, however please be vigilant and watch out for any unusual activity or behaviour." 

The Chronicle has contacted the council and Thames Valley Police for a comment. 

More updates to come.