SMaRT buses to ferry workers between Slough Trading Estate and the centre of the town are up and running - and members of the public are urged to get on board.

The Bath Road Central buses can sail through traffic jams from the train and bus station and back again to Slough Trading Estate.

The green buses have been running since January using the A4 corridor owned by Slough Borough Council, which had previously been used as an access road for businesses.

Instead of several private arrangements between businesses and transport hire companies working independently along the A4 corridor, the new bus streamlines the service with one provider.

It is being well used by employees from businesses signed up to the scheme and Slough residents can also use the service if they go to a designated stop and hail it.

The Trading Estate bus is operated by Stewarts Coaches and funding was obtained from Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership.

Cllr James Swindlehurst, leader of the council and cabinet member for regeneration and strategy, said: “This is one recognisable vehicle that will take people up and down the A4 to where they want to go between Slough train and bus stations to O2 headquarters without the hindrance of queuing traffic.

“This is the start of the SMaRT route which will eventually extend through to Heathrow creating a convenient alternative public transport option to the airport.

“This has been a good example of a collaboration between the council and private enterprises."