Students at Highfield Prepatory School were treated to a visit from highly acclaimed author Onjali Rauf last week.

Mrs Rauf visited the school and gave a reading of her Blue Peter award winning book ‘Boy at the Back of the Class’. The story aims at encouraging inclusivity and acceptance amongst young people towards refugees and highlights the impact a lack of understanding can have on society.

After seeing an interview on the BBC where the book was discussed, a parent with a child at the school was incredibly moved and got in touch with Onjali who agreed to speak with the year five and six students.

Mrs Sharp, the parent, said: “My daughter’s teacher, Mrs Wallace, was immediately enthusiastic when I spoke to her about the book and embraced the idea with all the willingness of a super teacher.

“Her commitment to follow through on this was admirable and then to see the same passion shared with my child’s class teacher was certainly brilliant to witness! She now has amazing ideas to get the girls involved further with Onjali and the refugees at Calais regarding donations.”