TWO MEN have been jailed for supplying heroin with a total street value of around £1 million.

Malik Bashram-Gulham, 48, of Humber Way, Slough, was jailed for eight years, while Mohammed Ramzan, 29, of Stoke-on-Trent, was jailed for four, at Kingston Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday).

The men were arrested following a joint investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and Metropolitan Police Organised Crime Partnership (OCP).

Earlier this year, on May 22, OCP officers watched Bashram-Gulham walking up and down Gladstone Street, Peterborough, talking on his mobile phone. Shortly after, Ramzan picked up Bashram-Gulham in a taxi, then proceeded to drive around the block before returning to Gladstone Street and going into a house. Ramzan was carrying an empty plastic sports bag, but when they left, the bag had been filled.

Officers stopped both men, and found that the sports bag had been filled with five kilos of heroin. A search of the house uncovered another five kilos of heroin, and £80,000 in cash wrapped in 16 bundles.

Matthew McMillan, Operations Manager at the NCA, said: "The amount of heroin and cash we found in the taxi and at the house indicates that both men performed a trusted and significant role within a wider criminal conspiracy.

"This group are engaged in the wholesale distribution of heroin on a commercial scale across the West Midlands and Cambridgeshire.

"Though there are undoubtedly further members who still need to be identified, today’s sentence reflects the serious nature of the crime.

"Drugs fuel further crime, exploitation and violence. Working with our partners we will make sure that drug dealers are stopped and punished."