A RESIDENT has expressed his eagerness for the Tesco store in Wokingham to install electric charging points after the new petrol station has opened.

The petrol station has recently opened at the back of the Tesco car park, the supermarket previously had no place for customers to fill up their car.

The petrol station does not currently have any electric car charging points for customers to use while they shop.

John Chisholm, who shops at the store regularly with his wife is disappointed that they can’t charge their electric car while they shop.

Mr Chisholm said: “I think it would be a good idea to have an electric charging point for electric cars.

“It would be good at Tesco as when you go shopping you could charge you car as you shop."

Mr Chisholm believes that the time it takes to do a food shop the car could be fully charged.

He added: “My wife goes shopping at Tesco all the time and by the time she has been round the shop to get the shopping she could have charged her car.”

Tesco are hoping to install charging bays across stores but they do not yet know if Wokingham will be included in the list.

A spokesman from Tesco added: “We recently announced that we would be developing, in partnership with Volkswagen, the largest ever UK retail Electric Vehicle charging network.

“Over the next three years we will roll out over 2,400 EV charging bays across hundreds of our stores.

"Whilst we have not yet finalised which stores will be included in this programme, we will be sure to keep local people updated on our plans.”