A KIND-hearted woman is cooking from morning to night to ensure the elderly and NHS workers are well fed during the coronavirus lockdown.

Lisa Hope from Owlsmoor runs her own business Not Just Baps providing hot meals such as breakfasts, burgers, beef stew and dumplings and curry's to customers around Bracknell.

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As the coronavirus has meant the elderly are more isolated than ever, Lisa has been ensuring her partner Paul delivers free hot meals so people aren't going hungry.


She said: "We are giving a discount to anyone having to self-isolate. It touches my heart not being able to go into peoples homes as we have to wear our gloves and ring the bell and stand at the doorstep.

"A lot of the older customers we would have a chat with them, for some it can be their first hot dinner in a while and this shouldn't be happening, they must feel so scared."

One customer called John gets his food everyday but as she doesn't deliver on a Tuesday he would go hungry.

Now, Not Just Baps is going above and beyond to feed people every day and John will get his hot meal on a Tuesday too, says Lisa.

Lisa said she will even cook at 10pm to help NHS workers who are hungry after their shifts.

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Her generosity was inspired after her mum Dotty passed away on Christmas Day 2017.

Helping people was always in her mother's nature so Lisa decided to provide free Christmas dinners to the elderly known as 'Dotty Dinners'.

The fundraiser she set up originally meant she could afford to give free hot meals to the elderly during Christmas but she has since used the money to provide hot meals during this "crazy" time.

So far, she has raised £548 but hopes to reach a target of £1,500.

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Ms Hope added: "They were always so appreciative as a lot of them don't have family around so wouldn't have even had a Christmas dinner.

"I have always wanted to help and will even pick up extra bits like fruit and medicine to help customers.On Sunday, this Mother's Day I didn't go to bed until 3am and woke up at 6.15 the next morning and worked until 10pm to help an NHS worker with a burger."

Visit her page facebook.com/Not-Just-Baps-280449459159097/?ref=page_internal to support her business.

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