OUR READERS have made it clear that this week's floods have made them far from happy, and council-approved overdevelopment seems to be the prime suspect.

This became clear after Storm Dennis did its worst last weekend, soaking the streets and causing flooding all across the Wokingham borough.

Park Lane was temporarily closed this week from A327 Reading Road to Nine Mile Ride, due to flooding.

One of the worst areas of flooding was through the Winnersh Triangle roundabout, causing multiple cars to get stranded in the water.

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Cllr Parry Batth, executive member for environment and leisure, said: "Many people have been affected by the recent extreme weather and it’s had a detrimental affect on some residents and business in the local area.

"The significant levels of rainfall which led to the rivers in the borough bursting their banks have meant that some of our roads have been flooded and caused issues getting about.

"We do work hard to reduce the risk of flooding and improve resilience to it. The Council does not allow new developments to be built on flood plains.

"Developers are required to demonstrate they will be installing drainage measures to mitigate the impacts of new houses on flood risk in the surrounding area."

Residents also commented on the history of flooding incidents in the area and how developments have affected the flooding in their lifetimes.

residents said over Facebook: "In 2000, Showcase Cinema had been built. It had always flooded, and I assume as soon as they put in the concrete/tarmac the water couldn’t sink into the ground as much."

Another commenter said: "Over the 38 years we have been living here, on more than one occasion I have been asked about housing estates being built.

"I thought the go-ahead wouldn’t happen for various reasons but hey-ho, the builders and the like get what they want - A few years later and strangely enough, we have more floods now than when we first moved here."