A ‘POOR’ dog has been abandoned by its owners after a good Samaritan found him ‘dumped’ and badly injured.

The Public Protection Partnership (PPP) are appealing to find the owners of a lurcher, after he was found by himself in Wokingham on Wednesday, February 19.

The vulnerable dog was handed over to the vets and appears to have been ‘run over’ or ‘attacked’.

Upon further inspection it looked like he had been attacked by another dog, as well as possibly suffering from a broken leg.

Following this, the dog had been taken to a vets by the person that fond him, and he was then provided with special overnight care at another veterinary practice.

A spokesman for the PPP, said: "His injuries look like he's been attacked by another dog and he has a possible broken leg.

"This boy is micro-chipped but no details are registered. He looks to be about one or two years old.

"We are currently looking at available rescue centres with capacity and who might support his veterinary costs.

"This is an unfortunate part of the animal warden role where we often see injured dogs 'dumped' so owners avoid any costly vet bills."