A HEARTBROKEN dad has shared his anguish after his son's repatriation went wrong.

Jack Whitelaw from Bracknell, was staying on the island of Siargao in the Philippines with three other friends when he died during a moped crash.

His dad Paul has been campaigning for justice ever since, after the moped rental company asked for him and his wife Suzy to pay for the damages caused to the bike.

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His dad Paul said his son decided to rent a motorcycle and signed the paperwork to say he doesn't have a licence, which was all "totally illegal".

Mr Whitelaw: "The company is utter rubbish, they want me to pay for the motorcycle that he broke — well my my son has paid his life with a mistake so I am fighting for justice for Jack."

Since then, his Dad has had to battle communicating with the rental company and trying to get his son's coffin home safe and sound.

However, initially he encountered a problem on Monday, February 17 when Jack's flight was only booked to travel as far as Madrid, arriving eight hours ahead then planned without his Dad on the same flight.

Paul said: "You couldn't make it up. Jack is only booked as far as Madrid, despite me asking multiple times for the onward flight to Palma. Now the Spanish Embassy are refusing passage to Madrid until final destination arrangements have been confirmed."

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Three days later and the paperwork managed to get sorted with Paul and his son booked on the same flight to Palma.

The pair are now set to return back to their home today at around 8pm.

His dad added: "Things came together yesterday, rather quickly in the end. With the paperwork finally showing an end destination, the Spanish Embassy gave us the green light.

"They lowered him in having checked it was him, then they used a form of silicone to put the top on, and then they nailed it closed. Hermetically sealed.

"I must admit, I was in bits as the final nail went in, thinking I won't see him again until Palma."

Jack would have turned 21 on February 18 and his group of friends in Bracknell set up a go fund me campaign to raise £8,000 so they can fly to Spain to pay their respects to Jack for his last party.

Jack also used to play for Bracknell Rugby Football Club and the team paid their respects in a minutes silence, linking arms on the pitch in solidarity.

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Mr Whitelaw, Jack's dad added: "Being a Parent, as many of you know, is the greatest single blessing that can be given us.

"Some people get it right, and some - sadly not.

"We would like to think we are good parents, and as loving as we could be.

"The effect he had on so many other people's lives means that he will be forever regarded as that free-spirited and mischievous young lad who will never grow up. Our very own Peter Pan... watching us from Neverland and sprinkling Pixie Dust on all of us when we need it."