DOG lovers have the perfect opportunity to look after puppies while contributing to a very worthy cause.

UK charity Guide Dogs is seeking dedicated volunteers to raise puppies in their homes.

This amazing opportunity will see you become a 'Puppy Walking' volunteer where you raise the seven week old puppies until they are ready to be trained from 14 to 16 months of age.

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Jo who is a puppy training supervisor, said: "Volunteering as a Puppy Walker for Guide Dogs is an invaluable first stepping stone to enabling more blind and partially sighted people get out and about in the way they choose." The scheme provides training and ongoing support provided by the charity and food and vet bills are covered.

There are about 3,000 people in Bracknell living with a visual impairment, says Guide Dogs.

Maria and Robert who are puppy walking volunteers, say they are addicted to looking after future guide dog pups.

They said: "When we applied to be puppy walkers we never anticipated loving this role as much as we do.

"We’re currently walking pup number four and can honestly say that we’re addicted to it."

Visit: to apply