DISTRAUGHT elderly and vulnerable residents feel they will be "restricted to their homes" if there isn't a shuttle bus provided to the nearest supermarket in town.

A couple of ladies who rely on Sainsbury's in Princess Square to buy their groceries were seen "shaking on the bus" when they discovered it will be closing down on February 26.

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Rupert Raikes from Harmans Water was a passenger on the bus when he witnessed how sad residents looked on their way to the town centre.

He welled up when he spoke to the News about the closure, describing Sainsbury's as a "lifeline" for the community.

He said: "We are all at a loss. The shop means a lot more to people than you'd expect. Pensioners feel attacked because it's a lifeline, people meet at the bus when they go to Sainsbury's and make conversations. It get's people out of their homes so this really is an urgent issue."

The 64-year-old explained how the staff in Sainsbury's make shopping easy for resident's as they help them in the store and assist them to the bus stop by carrying their heavy shopping.

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Thus, residents feel at a loss with where they can do their shopping as the nearest supermarket is Morrison's in The Peel Centre, but no buses go there.

Sainsbury's suggested the nearest store customers can shop at is Bagshot superstore, which is a six minute drive from Princess Square.

A spokesperson said: “We have spoken to our colleagues to let them know that sadly our Bracknell store will close in February.

"We understand that this will be a very unsettling time for colleagues and we are doing everything we can to help them find alternative roles at nearby Sainsbury’s stores. Customers can continue to shop with us at our nearby Bagshot superstore, which is only a six minute drive from the Bracknell store.”

Mr Raikes said this isn't an easy bus route for vulnerable residents as Princess Square provides a good shop mobility service and also has access to other shops in The Lexicon.

He added: "I am not trying to be dramatic but this is a humanitarian crisis when I see distraught bus passengers needing to be calmed down.

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Courtney Buses has said there are no plans to run services to Morrisons as it is not safe for buses to stop on the dual carriageway.

A spokesman said: "Unfortunately, the layout of the car park is not suitable for buses, nor is there anywhere suitable and safe to stop.

"Town centre supermarket shopping is still available from Marks & Spencer's and Waitrose and there is a bus stop close by to these for services 150, 151, 151A, 162, 162A, 171, 172 and Lion X4."

It is currently unknown as to what is to replace Sainsburys, with rumours of an Aldi or Lidl in the pipeline — but nothing has been confirmed yet.