A CONCERNED neighbour is wanting fly-tippers to be accounted for after witnessing dumped rubbish next to a picturesque stream.

Builders rubble has been reportedly spotted near Blackmoor Stream in Ascot and this is "not the first time it has happened", according to the resident who wants to remain anonymous.

The woman who lives nearby to the stream said she has seen dumped 'builders waste' which is potentially toxic and could harm wildlife.

She said: "Why should law abiding, tax paying citizens have to pay to clean up criminal activity.

"The first time, the authorities removed the builders rubble very quickly and even looked through it and found evidence in the pile.

"This time, they say it is not their responsibility but rather that of the landowner. The dumped builders items are in exactly the same place."

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of any waste or rubbish on public land or sites which are unauthorised to accept waste.

The Public Protection Partnership (PPP), which deals with issues concerning waste in Berkshire, says that if the rubbish is dumped on private land, the landowner is responsible for removing it.

Local Berkshire:

However, rubbish is currently seen floating towards Blackmoor Pond leaving a frothy brown substance which could potentially threaten wildlife.

The resident has suggested an idea to have surveillance cameras on a street lamps to prevent fly-tippers from coming back and dumping rubbish.

She also thinks the issue will affect landowners as they will have to pay out of their own pocket, like an indirect tax, to remove fly-tipped waste, "The problem is skips have increased their costs to builders for rubble disposal.

"I have heard from a builder that this is now quite common due the change in charges and they know landowners will just pay to have the rubble removed without causing fuss.

"So, the crime is on the increase and we are all at risk. It is just very very sad."

The PPP has been contacted for a comment.