FOOD waste bins could be coming to Bracknell - but this means changes to how often your bins are collected are also on their way.

Should plans to introduce food waste bins get the all-clear at a council meeting next week, the first collection could be on Monday, October 5.

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Bracknell Forest leader Cllr Paul Bettison said at a press briefing yesterday: “We know that many of our residents and community groups want food waste recycling.”

Local Berkshire:

With this possibility inching closer, this means potential changes to how often you need to put your bins out.

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Here’s the proposed schedule for bin collection from October.

Food waste bins

Local Berkshire:

Residents are set to get a five-litre caddy for inside their homes, and a 23-litre caddy to be placed outside for collection.

Fifty caddy liners will come with the bins, but once these run out residents will be able to use plastic bags or newspapers to line their caddy.

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A weekly collection will be rolled-out for this waste disposal.

Blue recycling bin

Currently, blue recycling bins are collected every two weeks - this means putting paper and card, drinks cans, food tins, cartons, foil, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays in here.

The fortnightly collection will stay the same even if the new food waste proposals are confirmed next week.

Local Berkshire:

Green general waste bin

BFC bosses say the cost of implementing food waste collection will be offset by changing how regularly general waste — such as nappies, black plastics and any other waste that can’t be recycled — is collected.

This means, should the food waste plans go ahead, green bins are collected every three weeks instead of every two weeks.

Officers believe the introduction of food waste collection and the change to general waste collection will cut the amount of rubbish going to landfill sites by around 4,000 tonnes a year.

Should the new schedule go ahead, all three bins will need to be put out by residents on the sixth week following the start of food waste collection.