It was party time for the beavers at 1st Burnham and Hitcham Scout Group's 'wolverine colony' as they celebrated their fifth birthday.

The colony for six to eight-year-olds was set up five years ago - becoming the second beaver colony in the group.

Bruce Snelling, assistant lead volunteer for the group, said: “Five years ago we had the situation where 25 children wanted to join and we needed to get some adult volunteers. After a taster evening, we had eight volunteers who stepped forward and this meant we could start a second beaver colony."

There are now120 boy and girls aged six to 13 across the two beaver colonies and the cub section in the scout group.

Nearly fifty children attended the party at scout headquarters in Almond Road, some of whom had joined the colony when it was set up and are now cubs or scouts.

Jennie and Sean Phelan who were involved in setting up the beaver colony did it because their son wanted to join. He said: “It’s a privilege to give these children the opportunity to try different activities and to see them gain confidence. Some of the children have never spent a night away from home and we have provided them with the opportunity to stay overnight at the Space Centre. In the five years we’ve been going, seventy children have been members.”

Pratham Sharma, 11, who has been a beaver, cub and is now a scout said, “I like hiking, climbing and kayaking. I also liked finding out about culture and customs from other countries. I have also made friends.”

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