A pub landlady who changed the name of Windsor's historic Three Tuns pub to the Prince Harry has given her views on his plans to step back from royal duties.

Kelly Carpenter made the news in 2018 when she changed the name of the Three Tuns in Market Street to honour the newly created Duke of Sussex.

She has no intention of changing it back again and is taking a calm view of the joint statement made by Harry and his wife Meghan.

She said: "No-one knows what goes on behjnd closed doors.

"We have to look at the bigger picture. They are a newly married couple with a new baby and they have been hounded by the press. If this is something they need to do, their mental health is more important.

"I certainly won't be changing the name of the pub.

"They are just like any family.

"They could have chosen a better way of making the announcement but when is the right time?"

The pub was originally built in 1518 in the time of Henry VIII and is only 50 metres from Windsor Castle. It was originally the meeting place for the Trinity Guild (the town traders) who governed the town, before it was turned into a pub in 1689.

*Harry made what could well be his last royal engagement for some time when he visited Buckingham Palace yesterday (Thursday) to honour his commitment as patron of the Rugby Football League by attending the 2021 World Cup draw.

He met representatives of the 21 nations taking part and watched local children playing rugby in the Buckingham Palace gardens.