A FISHING tournament has raised money for a brain tumour awareness charity close to the anglers hearts.

Holme Grange Fishery in Crowthorne held their second Chilly Chillcott charity match on Saturday, September 7, named after celebrity angler Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2017.

The tournament will be raising money for The Brain Tumour Charity, in support of Chilly and 17-year-old angler Robert from Windsor, who has undergone six brain operations to remove his brain tumour.

Phil Buckman, owner of Home Grange Fishery, said: "We took a bit of a risk last year as we had never done anything like this here before.

"We were absolutely thrilled when Chilly humbly agreed to allow his name to be added to the event. It really did make all the difference to the cause and undoubtedly helped us to raise over £1300 for The Brain Tumour Charity, based locally in Farnborough."

The charity match aims to raise money for the charity and raise awareness of the disease.

Ian Chillcott, said: "It is tough as an adult to deal with such adversities but when meeting young Robert and having an understanding of what he was having to deal with, it broke my heart.

"It is an absolute honour and privilege to be part of this event and even more so to be able to help raise funds for such a fantastic charity."

This year, the charity hope to raise no less than £5,000 and all proceeds will be donated to The Brain Tumour Charity.