A massive 60ft long piece of graffiti has been removed from the railway arch between Windsor and Slough - after the 'artist' responsible went too far.

Drivers on Royal Windsor Way which links Windsor to Slough have grown used over the years to seeing graffiti on the attractive arches which front the view of Windsor Castle behind.

But the appearance of a 10ft high 60ft long spray painting of the word HELCH - clearly created at great personal risk to the person who did it - proved to be too much for Network Rail which is responsible for the arches.

A team appeared with cleaning equipment and this week the offending word had been removed, even though it did not meet the usual criteria of being obscene required by Network Rail to justify the expense of graffiti removal.

A spokesman has a warning through for anyone tempted to take up the challenge again of braving the high arches to try their hand at some illegal art.

He said: “It is dangerous to go near running railway lines and we urge people not to put their life at risk to vandalise bridges and viaducts.”