A DISAPPOINTED family have felt "let down" after workers delayed repair works for a ceiling which has asbestos.

Ashley Munt from Fielden Place in Bracknell contacted the News after Silva Homes "finally" removed asbestos on June 14 after a year of contacting them.

Asbestos experts then left the ceiling with a hole in it and told him the work was 'completed'.

They were then told they would have to wait a couple of weeks for the ceiling to be finished, leaving the family feeling frustrated and upset.

In the letter to Silva Homes, the family said: "I am absolutely appalled of the state in which the ceiling was left upon your 'appointed expert'.

"I was shocked to hear that you have advised that we need to wait a couple of weeks for the works to be completed. We have three children in this house...I expect you to resolve this as soon as possible on the grounds of the safety of myself and my family."

Silva Homes owns and manages around 6,200 rented homes, including 400 sheltered housing flats and 1,200 leaseholder properties in Bracknell.

The housing association company also provides services, including housing management, repairs and maintenance, landscaping and development.

However, the family wanted the asbestos removed and for the ceiling to be fixed so that it is a safe environment for the children.

Silva Homes have explained that they have booked an appointed to reinstate the ceiling but there were delays due to the workers not removing all of the asbestos at once.

A Silva Homes spokesman said: “We have sincerely apologised to this family and are aiming to rectify the situation as soon as possible. None of the residents were at risk and the delay was necessary to ensure that the works were done properly.

"Some old ceilings have an Artex coating, which contains small amounts of asbestos, but they are very low risk unless disturbed."

"We aim to reinstate after removal as soon as possible, but in future, for exceptional circumstances such as this, we will consider putting up temporary ceiling covers.”