The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club’s plans to double its capacity have been given the green light by the council - despite resident concerns over noise coming from the Winkfield site.

This means the Club, which is frequented by members of the royal family and Hollywood stars, will be allowed to let up to 10,000 people in to watch polo when hosting events.

John Newcombe, a licensing consultant representing the Club, said: “We are not here to annoy our neighbours.

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“We are here to be an asset to the community.”

The Club applied for the capacity increase primarily for its international day, an event in late July which Mr Newcombe said could be a “jewel in the crown” for the Club and a “success story” for Bracknell Forest.

Another representative for the Club told Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) members: “This application is on the basis that we are providing what is the flagship event for polo - and the premier event outside Buenos Aires - in the world.

“It has previously had the patronage of Hollywood stars and the whole of the Royal family.

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“The message from us is: we are the community. We wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t to the advantage of everyone.”

But Winkfield resident Tim Powys-Lybbe protested the proposals after telling BFC members disturbance from past events had ‘kept him awake’ at night.

He said: “The noise is already obtrusive and intrusive.

“It is excessive - they do not have a right to disturb people’s sleep.

Mr Newcombe claimed there was always likely to be some “sour grapes” towards the Club from residents.

He also pointed out measures the establishment had taken to reduce the impact of noise coming from the site, including banning percussion instruments past 9pm.

Councillors Malcolm Tullett, Michael Brossard and John Porter quizzed Club representatives over whether the site would have the space to accommodate an extra 5,000 people but Mr Newcombe and a consultant assured members the Club has room to welcome extra guests.

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The Polo Club did not request to alter any of its other permissions aside from the capacity increase.

It is currently allowed to sell alcohol, offer refreshments and play live and recorded music until 2am and is open from 11am to 2.40am Monday-Sunday.

After a lengthy discussion councillors granted the Club’s application, suggesting the extra capacity would not lead to an increase in public nuisance.

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The licensing panel met on Thursday, June 20.