COUNCILLORS and residents have joined forces to try and stop three homes being built in Binfield.

Forest Road could be home to the proposed three-bedroom houses if the council follows officers’ advice and gives developers the green light to build on the site.

Applicants are planning to demolish the existing bungalow and build three more having gained Bracknell Forest Council’s (BFC) permission to build two four-bedroom homes in 2017.

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But Bracknell Forest councillors Colin Dudley and Ankur Bhandari called in the latest plans, which are due to be approved, on the grounds of overdevelopment in the area.

Binfield Parish Council urged BFC to throw out the plans because of overdevelopment fears.

One resident objected to the proposal after outlining their worries in a letter to BFC, which read: “We continue to overload the roads and services of Binfield, adding more residential properties and replacing single houses with multiple replacements.

“The houses also add to the potential for people parking on Forest road rather than using the spaces provided especially when they have visitors or for those people parking in Pitch Place and parking onto the pavement.”

Another resident argued the plans are not consistent with the council’s planning policies due to the scale of the development and the new design potentially meaning neighbours’ privacy could be breached.

However, BFC officers are happy for the plans to go ahead, and councillors look set to approve the proposal at a planning meeting on Thursday, June 20.

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