The wonderful world of Grace Brothers department store is coming to Colnbrook - when the village's resident drama group CAST presents a production based on the riotous 1970s television Are You Being Served.

The show follows the fortunes of shop assistants Mrs Slocombe, Miss Brahms, Mr Grainger, Mr Lucas and Mr Humphreys as they take off together on a holiday to Spain - all paid for by the company while the store is being redecorated.

Unfortunately their rooms are not ready and the proprietor can only offer tents. Add to that there is a revolution about to break out (this is Spain in the pre-democratic 1970s) and that leader is using the hotel as his base.

Add to that a series of misunderstandings over who has invited who over to their tent for the night, an octopus that comes to life when it is served for dinner and a loo without a bolt on the door that requires everybody using it to sing at the top of their voices and the scene is set for some farcical goings-on.

Fans of the original series will not need reminding of the character's individual quirks.

Mr Humphrey's camp goings-on, Mr Lucas' relentless pursuit of Miss Brahms and Captain Peacock's regularly punctured pomposity have become an ingrained part of British culture.

The show can be seen at Colnbrook Village in Vicarage Way between Wednesday, July 3 and Saturday, July 6 at 7.45pm.

Tickets are available on 07894 579177 or online at