AN angered woman who ordered her favourite meal from a popular takeaway app was hugely disappointed when her food arrived in a mess.

The resident from Bracknell ordered a McDonald's meal from Uber Eats and when it arrived, her Big Mac ended up on the floor as the bag had ripped from the drinks.

The Uber Eats driver explained that the same issue will happen again if she orders a drink with her meal.

She said: "It was ordered at 6pm and arrived at 7.20pm.

"The drinks had tipped over on to all the food so everything was ruined and the driver said if you are not happy, reorder but I can not carry drinks on my bike so it will happen again."

The angered women contacted Uber Eats to find out why her order was ruined.

Uber Eats replied to her, which said: "We truly appreciate you reaching out. We must kindly advise that we are unable to offer external compensation in such cases."

After working all day with food the woman ordered a takeaway to save her from cooking but instead, she had to settle with tea and biscuits.