A move to reduce serious injuries on Maidenhead town centre roads by three quarters will be put before residents at a Town Forum meeting later this month.

Residents will be able to give their feedback and hear from experts about the proposals to remove the right-hand turn from Queen Street onto the A308. A full safety analysis has found that incidents which result in serious pedestrian injury are predominately associated with the turn.

To reduce the potential impact on drivers that closing the Queen Street right-hand turn could have, the exit from The Broadway (Nicholsons) car park has been converted into a two way road meaning three quarters of vehicle movements currently turning right from Queen Street will instead be able to access the A308, A4 or M4 via Grenfell Place / Frascati Way, without needing to travel through the town centre.

This equates to around 300 vehicles during the rush hour peaks. Drivers still needing to access the A308 from Queen Street will still be able to do so via the Stafferton Way roundabout.

Cllr Andrew Johnson, lead member for infrastructure, transport policy and housing said: “These proposals have very clear safety benefits for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and the new road layout on the exit from the Broadway (Nicholsons) car park will ensure that any impact on drivers is reduced.”

The proposals also include much needed improvements to pedestrian crossings in the area, creating much wider walkways and a simpler, more direct crossing route between the town centre and the train station.

It is also planned to put a new bus stop just outside the railway station and a 300 space cycle hub. The changes will help the town cope with increasing commuter demand which is expected to increase by 39 per cent to 8,030,000 between 2020 and 2039.

Residents will be able to give their feedback on these proposals at Maidenhead Town Forum on Monday, June 17 at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber at Maidenhead Town Hall.

Questions for the panel can be submitted in advance by emailing Nabihah.Hassan-Farooq@RBWM.gov.uk.

Residents who cannot attend the meeting are also able to provide feedback via an online form until Sunday, July 14.