I refer my letter to the article you published on May 29 "Residents call for pedestrian crossing on Sunningdale Road after concerns raised over safety of elderly and young at site of £240,000 parking bays" and I must yet again take issue on the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead on the so-called public response to the survey.

RBWM claim that “88.39 per cent of Sunningdale residents voted in favour of the scheme.”

Not correct. RBWM have ignored the fact that in reality 88.39 per cent of those that participated voted in favour. This is 11 per cent of the Sunningdale population.

Even within these results they are incorrect because it included respondents from outside the borough.

The hand-delivered letters that did not reach many intended residents and the results were not published in a timely manner - they eventually turned up on borough’s website six months after the consultation close - this only after we had queried their absence.

The borough’s decision-making process to proceed with this project, failed to take into account the erroneous results and given the number of signatories to the current petition, the theoretical outcome of the original survey has a real chance of being quite the opposite.

They ignored the fact that on this basis “89 per cent of Sunningdale residents were not consulted” based on the 2011 census population of 5,347.

M B Clarke

Address supplied