WOKINGHAM’S Labour group has presented its petition objecting to the closure of the town’s Post Office at 10 Downing Street.

Last month the News reported the Post Office’s final decision to move its services from its historic location on Broad Street to a new location at WHSmith in Market Place.

The new store is set to open on Thursday, June 6 but the Wokingham Labour group is hoping its petition, signed by 6,000 concerned residents, will add political support to their objections.

Representatives from the group travelled to London on Tuesday, May 21 in order to present the petition.

Labour councillor Andy Croy told the News how the presentation came about. He said: “You have to book an appointment in advance and tell them your name and your party.

“You get given a slot and on the day you knock on the door and you’re given the chance to explain what the petition is all about before it goes in front of the Prime Minister.

“Later you get an email confirmation from the PM’s office to say it has been received.”

Cllr Croy had been very critical of the Post Office’s consultation before the decision to move the service was made, calling it a “sham”.

Labour councillors protested outside a Post Office consultation event in February to demand the service stayed where it is.

At the event, Cllr Croy and Cllr Rachel Burgess presented the petition to a Post Office manager who declined to take a copy of the document.

Asked if he is hopeful presenting the petition can gain political support and sway the decision makers at the Post Office, he replied: “It is the only option we have got.

“During the consultation, they (the Post Office) weren’t interested in the quantity of the responses.

“It is not something they were interested in looking at it at all.

“It was only ever going to be a political solution to solve this – that is what we have said from day one.

“But we’ll keep moving – it was a very, very good day.”