A GRIPPING play following the journey of a WW2 veteran is set to perform, marking the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

Their Finest Hour will be showcasing its production at South Hill Park on June 5 to 8 guiding its audience through first-hand accounts of those who served within the Royal Air Force.

It is the day of Bert's funeral and his family have gathered at his home for his last farewell, when they discover an old suitcase full of memorabilia, they start to recollect his memories.

They discover a photo which was taken after a night out in London, taken 24 hours before Bert had to be sent to Germany again.

Eight local actors star in the show who play 66 characters aiming to bring an emotive and significant part of history to life.

Directed by Joe Malyan and co produced by Steve Darlow and Auriole Wells and music by Tim Cumper, Their Finest Hour aims to tell the stories through the eyes and words of those who fought in the war.

Auriole Wells, said: "These are not just wartime anecdotes we are telling, but real human stories of epic proportions.

"Extraordinary endeavours performed by ordinary people, woven through with the music and poetry of the time."

Co producer Steve Darlow who recently appeared in the Smithsonian Channel's 'Air Warriors - Spitfire' has met and interviewed a large number of pilot veterans featured in the play, whose words inspired him to write Their Finest Hour.

"It is incredible to think that 55,573 aircrew of Bomber Command lost their lives during the Second World War, yet no campaign medal was awarded and their bravery and sacrifice went largely unrecognised.

"I really hope that audiences come and support this production, as no matter what you think of what that generation had to do, we must treasure them, for they are nearly all gone."