A heartbroken dog owner is appealing for help to find her beloved Jack Russell dog Archie after he disappeared during a morning walk on Datchet recreation ground.

Nicola James, 53, who lives at Bachelors Acre, Windsor and works as catering manager at Upton House School, has had Archie for 11 years.

He vanished at 7.45am on Saturday.

Nicola said: "There is a large area of scrubland one end of the recreation ground with brambles, heather and nettles as well as rabbits and foxes.

"Archie disappeared under a fence. I am used to him running off and waited 10 minutes but he did not come back.

"I have been back to the recreation ground and been walking in the nearby streets frantically trying to find him ever since.

"It has been him and me for so long and he has seen me through thick and thin."

Nicola is recovering from an operation for cancer two weeks ago and says she has been devastated by the loss of her pet.

Her friends have been out on foot, in bicycles and cars looking for Archie and she has put his image on social media and on nearby sites.

She said: "He is a little grumpy old chap with not too good eyesight who get a bit disorientated now and again. He will not be familiar with Datchet however if he can get to the Home Park he knows his way home."

Anyone who sees Archie can reach Nicola on 07702 043892.