A COUPLE from Crown Wood say the secret to their long and happy marriage is simply, to enjoy each other’s company.

Peter Henry Hesslewood and Elizabeth Hesslewood, who are 92 and 91 celebrated their 73 year wedding anniversary a couple of months ago.

They moved to Crown Wood, Bracknell in March 2003 after living in Johannesburg, South Africa for nearly two decades and explained how the sunshine out there kept them both in 'good health'.

Mr and Mrs Hesslewood tied the knot in 1946 in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire when they were 17 and 19-years-old.

They got married soon after leaving school as they thought Henry would have to be sent abroad for the army.

Growing up was also a struggle and as they didn't have a lot of money, getting married was an option to get a wife's allowance from the army.

Elizabeth said: "We still enjoy our company to this day and we would be lost without each other - some would even say that we are made for each other.

"As a family, we are really close and see our grandchildren often, they think what we have is pure magic."

The ex-seamstress recalled how they would spend their holidays camping, driving around the British Isle's and exploring Land's End.

The pair explained the secret to their happy marriage is to keep themselves busy, talk out any differences and to always listen to one another.

Mrs Hesslewood added: "Nowadays, we do not really get out much but when we do we love going to the garden centre and enjoy a nice cup of tea."