BRACKNELL politician Dr Phillip Lee has been meeting and thanking supporters and participants of The Lexicon Bracknell Half Marathon.

The MP visited the Bracknell Bowels and Social Club on Church Road, where he met several keen bowlers, including Keith Sawdon who is the Royal County of Berkshire Bowls President.

Dr Lee said: “Like many people, I have travelled along Church Road and never realised that there was this oasis of calm, just a few yards away.

“The image of bowls as being only for those who are retired could not be more wrong. As I found, it is a sport for all ages and Bracknell Bowls offers the perfect antidote for anyone seeking a tranquil few hours.”

He then went to the town centre to greet runners who had taken part in the half marathon including Katie Dover, a member of the team in his Bracknell office, who was competing in the race for the fourth time.

Dr Phillip added: “My respect and admiration also goes out to all those who took part in the Bracknell half marathon.

“It is a tremendous achievement and I know that all of them will have been putting in long hours of training over the last few months.

“Finally, I want to give a big “thank you” to all the people who give their time to make the half marathon, the bowls and all the sporting and social clubs in the area happen. Without your commitment, Bracknell would be a far poorer place.”

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