A BABY has been rescued by a hero in a high-vis after becoming locked in a car in Crowthorne following an electrical glitch.

AA patroller Craig Gilday who is based in Bracknell rescued the 10-week-old baby after an off-duty Thames Valley police officer approached him to help reunite a mother with her trapped baby.

Craig said: “I was on my way to the office for a meeting and I’d pulled over to check the room booking, when suddenly there was a warrant card in front of my windscreen, with a police officer attached to it.

“There was a member of public nearby whose baby had become locked in the car. It was off the beaten track, so it was a case of being the right person in the right place at the right time.”

Thames Valley Police tweeted about the incident, where they explained that two off duty police officers had come across the women who was 'distraught'.

In under a minute Craig was able to unlock the car and reunite the women with her baby.

Craig added: “A microswitch on the driver’s door was over-sensitive, which is unusual.

“Everyone was fine but the Mum was understandably in a bit of a state. Her husband was on his way but was going to be another 15 minutes.

Craig has advised people not to panic if they get locked out the car.

He said: “As a patrol, it’s something I help people with a lot and I really didn’t think anything of it.

“People tend to go into a panic and call the fire service, who get into the car by breaking a window. My advice is to stay calm and call us.”

Following the incident the AA are reminding drivers to take care not to ever leave children or pets in the car.

George Flinton, AA Patrol of the Year, added: “Keep your keys with you and don’t close all the doors unless you’re sure you have them with you. Never give children the keys to play with in the car, as they can easily press a button and lock themselves in.”