PARENTS were invited to a community event evening to find out how charities support the school through their voluntary work.

Charters School in Sunningdale welcomed its partners on March 14, to speak to parents and residents about volunteering opportunities and sponsorships.

The aim of the Community Connections event was to highlight opportunities to connect with the school through socialising, advertising and charity projects.

Richard Pilgrim, headteacher, said: "Thank you to everyone who attended our community connections evening on Wednesday."

Charities including Daisy's Dream, Sebastian's Action Trust and The Jane Metson Foundation were there to talk about how Charters students raised funds to support them.

Organisations such as Ascot Travel House and Orlando Attractions, who sponsor a minibus at the school were there.

Volunteering is also a big part of the school, and over 150 students are taking part in three progressive Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

The headteacher added: "We started a lot of interesting conversations regarding sponsorship, volunteering and socialising and it was lovely to see that there is a real desire to get involved with various aspects of school life."

Overall, partners who work with the school got the chance to talk about how their charities and business thrive and what upcoming events are available for residents to come to.