Both Slough and Windsor's MPs voted against the latest version of Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement on Tuesday.

Conservative Adam Afriyie - whose Windsor constituency neighbours the PM's own at Maidenhead - said: "I can never vote for a deal that locks our great nation into servitude to the EU, which is why I voted against the current version of the Withdrawal Agreement.

“In essence I voted in favour of Brexit by voting against the current Withdrawal Deal which did not deliver Brexit."

But he insisted he did not blame the Prime Minister for the situation, saying: "I must praise our Prime Minister for her efforts and she continues to enjoy my full support. It is only the arrogant intransigence of the EU who seek to break up the UK, that has caused the deal to fail.

“I made a commitment to vote for amendments that would empower our Prime Minister to have a mandate to reform the backstop and deliver a sensible deal.

“Thankfully with the newly published list of tariffs and alternative pathway to leaving the EU has opened up and I look forward to our departure from the EU on or around the 29th March, as promised to the electorate.”

Slough's Labour MP Tan Dhesi also voted against the agreement - but is not so impressed with Mrs May.

He said: “I voted against the Prime Minister’s half-baked, botched Brexit deal. Since the 2016 EU Referendum, rather than trying to unite Parliament and the British people and get through a sensible Brexit deal she has ignored and sidelined opposition parties. Instead, she has tried to unite the Conservative party over Brexit, which in itself is an impossible task and the resulting chaos is there for all to see. "

He also voted against a no deal Brexit the following day, describing a possible no deal as 'catastrophic for people’s jobs and our economy, as so many businesses and unions have already highlighted to me'.