A YOUNG boy from Binfield is preparing to run a 5k race to raise money after watching his cousin suffer from a muscular condition.

Six-year-old Harry will be taking part in Run for Chocolate on Sunday, March 17 to raise money for the Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) Friend’s charity.

FOP is a rare genetic conditions, which causes bones to form in muscles and other connective tissues making it difficult for the person to move.

Harry is running the race after seeing his cousin Isla suffer from the muscular condition. She has locked arms, a bent spine and almost no movement in her neck and shoulders, which is progressing at an alarming rate.

His mother, Janine believes he is doing the race after feeling sad that his cousin can’t run around with him.

She said: "Harry feels very sad about this, because he can run around, and she can't.

"Harry is a very lively boy who can run around and do everything and he just wants to do something to help his cousin.”

“He wants to help raise money to fund the research into finding a cure.

“As this is such a rare disease, there is not much funding channelled into the research, so it is so important that people raise money, and also awareness of the condition.”

Harry wants to raise as much money as possible.

He said: “I’m feeling good about doing the race because it’s going to be a challenge for me.

“I want to be able to raise as much money as possible and I’m doing it all for my cousin."

He is looking forward to the end of the race when he will receive a hot chocolate.

For information and to donate, visit: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/HarryClark8.