A HISTORIC Eton brook that lay dry and empty for many years has been landscaped and has water flowing again - thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers.

Older residents and visitors to Eton can remember when there was a flow of water into the brook known as Barnes Pool just upstream of the area under Baldwin's Bridge which runs across the High Street.

Sticklebacks could still be caught there 50 years ago before the flows ceased.

Chairman of Eton Community Association Ros Rivaz praised volunteers supported by Norman Grundon from the Grundon waste management company and Royal Borough councillors Malcolm Alexander and Simon Dudley who had worked to restore that flow.

She said: "The dream has come true. Water flows again and Barnes Pool has a regular flow of water, already attracting wildlife. The Barnes Pool area has been beautifully landscaped for use by everyone and the area to the west has been sown with meadowland flowers and grass. Eton College and Baldwin’s Bridge Trust, the landowners concerned, are as delighted as those who are already starting to enjoy this rediscovered area of Eton."

The water was restored by clearing the silt out of the brick pipe or culvert that brings the water from the Thames near the edge of the Brocas down through the brook and onto Barnes Pool under the bridge.

The official opening will take place at 1.30pm on Tuesday at Baldwin’s Bridge. The Right Honourable The Lord Waldegrave of North Hill, provost of Eton College will unveil a plaque, accompanied by the supporters of this game changing local project.