AS PART of National Apprenticeship week 15 students visited the Mulberry View development site in Wokingham to develop a stronger understanding of the industry.

The students from Guildford College had a tour of the site, which gave them the opportunity to get hands on experience at a live instruction building site.

The tour was hosted by Crest Nicholson’s and their Apprenticeship Manager, Liza Smith, also led an informative workshop for the students to encourage more young people to consider the construction industry as a viable career path.

She said: “It was a privilege to host students from Guildford College, giving them a hands-on experience of what construction industry apprenticeships entail and the types of apprenticeships and careers on offer through Crest Nicholson.

“Apprenticeships play a vital role in identifying and supporting talented people in the industry and are an essential part of growing a workforce with the right skills, knowledge and expertise.

“Hosting open days and tours like these are a great way for young people to find out more about careers in the industry, from trade to technical and professional roles.”

Martin Reeves, head of learning and standards construction, engineering and building services construction at Guildford College, added: “It was an invaluable experience for our students to be able to visit the Crest Nicholson development and learn about their apprenticeship schemes.

“Those who attended the workshop gained insights on the range of career paths available in the construction industry as well as the advantages of undertaking an apprenticeship.”

The visit and interactive session offered an exclusive insight into Crest Nicholson’s Apprenticeship Programme, designed to identify and support young people as they progress in their careers.

Crest Nicholson currently employs over 60 apprentices, with a goal to ensure 10 per cent of their employees are apprentices.

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