A GENEROUS woman is helping to end period poverty by giving away free sanitary products to young girls in schools.

The Red Box Project, a campaign set up to help young girls have access to menstruation products, was set up in March 2017 by three friends.

The idea is to fill a red box, located at various donation points, with sanitary products which are then collected and donated to schools signed up to the scheme.

Tracy Rose, from Bracknell realised that this idea should also be available to girls in the local area and set up her own Red Box Project last year.

Tracy said: "Bracknell's community has been amazing in getting this project started and spread the word, we have lots of donations coming and it would be great to get some larger supermarkets on board."

Bracknell now have 13 donation points and seven schools on board.

She added: "When the donation points are full I collect the donation and make a box of the products. These include sanitary towels, lil-lets, tampons, underwear, roll on deodorants, tights, disposable bags and wipes."

Regular supporters are asked to donate a packet of sanitary towels or tampons a month and two packs of knickers a year, while some also make one off cash or product donations.

Red Boxes filled with tampons, pads, tights and underwear which were then delivered in to local schools.

The mother of one explained how she'd hate for her daughter to not afford sanitary products as she remembers the financial struggles when she was a young girl growing up.

When she lived with her dad, she felt awkward having to ask him for products and he'd purchase value items which were not the best quality for protection.

She added: "I would hate for any young lady to have to go through that today, especially when this great project and community can help."

Visit: redboxprojectbracknell@hotmail.com and facebook.com/redboxprojectbracknell/ to get involved with the project.