An EX-Wokingham student will be running 156 miles across the desert to raise money for the children's charity Hope for Children.

Chloe Brooks, who previously attended the Holt School, will face one of the toughest footraces on Earth and run over a six day stretch in the Saharan desert.

The PHD student said: "I lived in Sudan for a year, so I am pretty used to do the heat. My heat adaptation may be gone now but I think living there will help me make it.

The Marathon des Sables forms part of a team who run a marathon each day in 50 degree celcius heat. Chloe says that having to carry an 8 kilogram bag on her bag whilst running will also be really hard.

She added: "I've never done a challenge like this before so its important to not over do it when it comes to training as rest and recovery days are just as important.

"As a PHD student, I manage my time well so I do a bit cross-training, pilates and spinning, group running and then on the weekends I do long back-to-back runs to know what its like on tired legs."

Another girl from The Holt School in Wokingham was named as the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest which is the inspiration behind Chloe's marathon.

She said: "She was from Wokingham just like me and if she can do that then anything is possible. She's inspired me and hopefully I will be able to inspire someone else.

"When my family heard about it they were quite shocked and though it was mad but they have been so supportive of me. We're quite an active family so they understand why I want to do this challenge."

The event hopes to raise money for Hope for Children's and takes place in April.

The children's charity aims to support children living in poverty and hope to improve their access to education and healthcare, empowering families to support themselves and give them a sense of hope.

Chloe has currently raised £900 off her £8,000 target and has received kind donations from friends and family.

Visit to donate to the fundraising page.