STUDENTS joined forces with Thames Valley Police to educate members of the community on a latest crime prevention campaign.

Criminology A-level students at LVS Ascot School produced a series of short videos highlighting how residents across Berkshire can prevent crimes from happening.

As part of TVP Bracknell's Winter Burglary Awareness campaign, students directed and filmed four videos through a series of tips on how to minimise risk of burglary by hiding valuable items out of site, making sure homes are well lit and to report anything they see that might be suspicious.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Cassandra Oswald said: "The LVS Ascot students were a pleasure to work with. They were motivated and engaged in the process and came across as professional.

"They gave me a real insight into how some of our younger communities view the police and policing and we would love to work with the school again on different campaigns in future."

The videos have gained interaction from users in its thousands as the Thames Valley Police twitter accounts shared the videos to their 200,000 followers.

The Sgt was invited to take part in criminology lessons and coursework including planning a crime prevention campaign. A discussion centred around how to best deliver it which led to the idea of teaming up to create a hard hitting campaign for the Christmas period.

Police are aiming to clamp down on burglaries in the winter months at a regional and national level within Berkshire and took the opportunity to educate pupils and form a direct engagement between the police and local community.

Christine Cunniffe, principal at LVS Ascot said: "Our aim is to inspire independence in students, and to give them the opportunity to take responsibility for educating the local community on such an important topic as crime prevention does just that.

"We would like to thank Thames Valley Police for working with us on this project to equip our students with the insight and support to product such a successful project and are glad they were delighted with the end result."