VOLUNTEERS plant dozens of trees as part of a challenge to plant a tree for every Rotarian in the world.

Local volunteers gathered in Lilly Hill Park in Bracknell to plant a range of trees, including volunteers from Garth Hill College, Holly Spring Junior School, 2nd Easthampstead Scouts and 1st Warfield Guides.

A range of different trees were planted including oak, hornbeam and wild cherry samplings.

Bruce Irvine from Easthampstead Rotary's Environment Group, said: "today is a great example of our community working together to enhance the local environment, and it's another step towards meeting the Rotary challenge to plant one tree for every Rotarian in the world today. That's over a million trees!

"Almost a hundred samplings have now been planted in local parks this year, following a spring planting in Savernake Park.”

The event was organised by the Rotary Club of Easthampstead and all the trees planted were supplied by the Woodland Trust.