A BUSINESS networking company and a Bracknell pub have teamed up to donate to a charity who help the homeless.

A Bracknell pub, Plough and Harrow have been hosting a regular breakfast networking event, which allows local business to come together while eating their breakfast. The event takes place every other Wednesday and is organised by a business networking company called OMNI.

The money people at the event pay for their breakfast and the left-over cash that OMNI pay the pub for the breakfasts has been saved up since July 2018.

A total of £400 has been saved and donated to local Bracknell charity, Pilgrims Heart. The charity helps the homeless by providing drop in sessions and night shelters.

Richard Knight, Group Director of OMNI Bracknell networking group said: “we have collected £400 - which I think is a great effort but of course it’s all dependent on the numbers who attend the event and we have been running with an average of over 20 percent.

“Personally, I believe that business networking for local businesses should be a vital part of their marketing activity. It gives them an opportunity to meet with other local business people to be able to promote their business and to look for businesses who may be able to help them. “

The networking event hopes to raise a further £1000 for the charity and the first one in 2019 will be Wednesday, January 9.