A DETERMINED boy secured his dreams of becoming the best ‘under8s’ scooter champion in a tough competition.

Tyler Hainey from Bracknell picked himself up after a tough first round at the Adrenaline Alley UK champs competition on Sunday, November 11 in Corby.

The seven-year-old set to impress the judges but crashed hard at the beginning. Despite this, his persistence paid off after showing off his back flips, spins, jumps and tricks.

The seven-year-old said: "I didn't think I won because I crashed on my first back flip. My dream has finally come true, I did it."

Brian Hainey, Tyler’s father said: “Tyler is one awesome dude and I always knew there was something special about him. He gives one hundred percent to everything.

“He is now receiving the recognition he deserves for all the hard work he has put in to make his dream come true. So proud.”

The boy from Bracknell won the title, earned a medal, trophy, brand new scooter and a ramp.

Brian added: “From the age of 2 he could ride his bike with no stabilisers, at 3 he could ride a motorbike. He taught himself to do a front & back flip on a trampoline and then found his true love in scootering last year.”

Since taking on the extreme sport, Tyler has gained a massive 4,000 followers on Instagram where he posts his scooter tricks online and shows off to his fanbase.

Tyler fell in love with the sport when it was his sixth birthday. He bought himself a scooter from Smyth's Toy store and practices at Millpond skatepark in Bracknell every day.

The scooter boy is back at his local skatepark to practice for the under 12’s category at next years UK champs competition.