FROM fireworks, The Greatest Showman and the first day of the Jumps Season, Ascot Racecourse will be hosting their ‘biggest and best’ fireworks display yet this Saturday.

The event is set to be ‘undoubtedly one of the biggest and best shows in Berkshire’ with doors opening to 20,000 people.

Visitors will also get to experience entertainment for the whole family, with free fairground rides until 4pm, a fantastic range of food, a £1 donation to Berkshire charities and a special soundtrack to sing along to after.

Andy Hubble, fireworks choreographer for Ascot Racecourse and director of Star Fireworks said: “The event has grown in popularity over the years to become one of Berkshire’s biggest and most impressive events.

“The fireworks are fired by local firm Star Fireworks who are the British Champion of Champions and have won many awards for their displays. That coupled with an award-winning venue like Ascot and you can be sure that you’re in for a real treat.”

Star Fireworks has purchased fireworks from the best manufacturers in Spain and Italy so the public will get to experience brand new and ‘never seen before’ fireworks.

The director of Star Fireworks added: “The quality and richness of colours are stunning, but nothing beats a handmade European firework. These fireworks really add an exceptional edge to the display.”

“The Fireworks Spectacular is a varied day of entertainment for the whole family. The venue lends itself so well to this kind of event and the fact we can use the centre of the track to host the fireworks themselves gives everyone in the Grandstand an uninterrupted view.”

Safety is a big concern for Andy, he said: “Every one of the fireworks is computer controlled- If there are any problems the computer can shut down parts of the show for safety.

“We’re fortunate with Ascot Racecourse as the wind normally blows out towards The Heath which sits in the centre of the track. This not only means people get an outstanding view of the fireworks that isn’t obstructed by any smoke, but they also get a safe show because all of the sparks are blown away from the grandstand.”

Queen Anne Enclosure Tickets are available to purchase at £25 for an individual adult ticket and £19 for a group of 10+. For more information visit: