AN AMPUTEE has been given a new purpose in life by building dozens of Lego models after losing his legs in 2016.

Charlie Bowyer from Sandhurst found a keen interest in building Lego creations and has been working on them every day since he was put in a wheelchair.

The 54-year-old, who has already built 78 models, said: “It just makes me feel good and it is a challenge.

"It takes my mind off things while I am sat at home every day.”

Mr Bowyer, who had to have both legs removed, previously worked at Vauxhall in Bracknell.

However, he discovered a pain in his foot in 2016, which turned out to be vascular disease.

He said: “My life deteriorated since I found out at the doctors that I had to lose both of my legs.

"I am now just sat at home so instead of looking at four walls, I go out and buy Lego.

“It is a challenge and has kept me more alive. It keeps my mind occupied and helps me from feeling depressed.”

His largest creation is the Lego Star Wars Battleship piece, which took him over five days to build.

He has advised anyone who is feeling low and stuck at home to ‘just get any model of Lego and build it, anyone can do it.’

His partner and carer Linda McIver, 31, is shocked by how well he has taken to his new hobby.

She added: “I just feel amazed. Since he’s been in a wheelchair it’s all he’s ever done, yet he’s never had an interest in Lego before.”

His favourite creations are the Titanic, which he proudly showcases in a fish tank, among the Star Wars battleship and small warship.

He keeps all his other Lego models in his spare room and he is currently building two more pieces to add to his collection.