A kebab van in Bracknell could see its trading licence REVOKED after a residents told the council the fast-food joint had had a “devastating impact” on their lives.

The resident reported A&A Plus Kebabs to the council for various disturbances and was then told to keep a diary of all the incidents where the vendor had supposedly breached its trading licence.

A letter was submitted to the council following a meeting between the resident, an officer and councillor Tina McKenzie-Boyle, which read: “The proximity of this trader is actually within 50 metres from our property and the cooking smell and noise nuisance then has an even more devastating impact on our daily lives.”

The letter outlined the resident’s reasons for wanting the fast food joint gone, which included the proximity of the parking bay to the complainants house.

The letter continued: “We believe Bracknell Forest Borough Council has made a serious oversight regarding this trader.

“The consent effectively gives them the freedom to pitch up anywhere in the parking bay opposite the car park right alongside our house.

“The trader has no respect for our privacy or the noise nuisance their trading encourages.”

It also read: “We have invested a lot in our house and our garden but now feel from 17.00-23.00 hrs we are denied the enjoyment of our own home.

“We cannot relax or feel at peace due to the constant disturbances.

“The constant banging of cupboard/fridge doors and cooking utensils banging is annoying and unsettling.

“There have been groups of youngsters at the trader late in the evening using foul language which is threatening especially as they leave the trader passing our property.”

The diary shows eight separate entries detailing instances where the residents were disturbed by cooking smells, a loud generator, raised voices, car doors slamming and horns beeping, offensive young men and music.

Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) carried out a consultation following the complaint and received a response from another resident.

Their letter read: “There was no noise until the generator noise started over 2 months ago!

“It has gone beyond acceptable and something needs to be done.

“I mean this area has changed from being a quiet residential area to a boisterous street.”

A&A Plus was originally granted its licence in October 2017 and their consent to trade was renewed in November 2017 and March 2018.

However the eatery was denied permission to trade to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays and to 12am Sunday – Thursday in February 2018.

It is currently allowed to trade to 11pm every day.

A council committee will decide whether to revoke the trader’s licence after hearing evidence at a meeting on Thursday, October 11.

The owner of the kebab van will be the talk of the council just five days later as the same committee decides whether to grant a different van permission to extend its trading hours. 

B&B Plus Kebabs, run by Hatice Anil Bunker on Crowthorne Road North, has applied to extend its opening hours to 1am Sunday - Thursday and to 3am on Saturdays. 

Currently the fast food joint is permitted to serve kebabs to 11pm. 

A consultation was opened following the application and two councillors have submitted objections on behalf of their residents. 

Councillor Dee Hamilton commented she was "not happy with there being trading till 3am on (the) weekend" as the van was "near resident homes".

Bracknell councillor Michael Skinner wrote in a reply: "Although I like to see businesses thrive I feel our residents living close to the site may well have an issue with this, so I cannot support this unless there is a majority of residents supporting this via a consultation."

Environmental health officer Kate Powell also objected, writing: "I have no objection to the van operating until 11:00 pm but feel that the proposed times are too late given the close proximity to residential properties."

B&B Plus was granted its original licence in June 2018. 

The application comes after the council was made aware that the van was operating outside trading hours after a resident complained about late night noise. 

The council is set to decide whether to grant extended opening hours to B&B Plus at a meeting on Tuesday, October 16.