IT SOUNDS like every construction company's nightmare - as almost 5,000 breezeblocks collapsed like dominoes at Windsor Racecourse on Saturday.

But the team from the Willmott, Dixon company could not have been more delighted - they had planned the whole thing.

The company is currently undertaking the multi million pound reconstruction work on the Royal Borough's council headquarters at York House.

But Saturday's event was all about trying to set a new world record for toppling the highest number of construction blocks in one smooth action.

The company's head of communications Andrew Geldard said: "We wanted to set a world record and showcase construction as a potential career at the same time.

"It took time to set up, as we had to get the construction blocks together. There were 50 or 60 of our team involved and it took Friday and early Saturday to set up. Everyone took it seriously and there was lots of preparation.

"But there was no guarantee it would work."

The big push to get the blocks tumbling happened at 11am and the team held their breath as the 4,958 blocks began to go down like a pack of cards. They were all spread out in a triangle to form the company logo and it took 20 minutes for the last one to come to rest. But they did it and Willmott Dixon managing director Richard Poulter was there to receive the certificate from Guinness Book of Records verifier Jack Brockbank.

The breezeblocks will not be wasted. They have been presented to students studying construction at Langley College and at Nescot College at Epsom.